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NEWS: WE’RE launching A new membership SITE!

Posted: 4/1/2021 | April 1st, 2021

Last year, we started a Patreon page as a way to even more develop this website’s community. In conjunction with The Nomadic Network, it allowed us to share much more stories and connect with readers much more through (virtual) events!

Now, we’re taking it a step even more by discontinuing our Patreon effort — and introducing “Nomadic Matt Plus”!

When we asked for feedback from our current Patreon members, the top reaction was “Make it easy for us to find content. Patreon kind of sucks at that.”

Most people didn’t like going to a third-party site for content or updates in the first place. Moreover, they also said the interface made it hard to access older content, because Patreon doesn’t have a search function. everything is in a chronological newsfeed and, because we posted a lot there, content just got pushed down even more and further.

So we created our own version of Patreon in purchase to resolve those problems.

With our new membership site, members will automatically get email updates when new content is posted. We’ve also simplified the navigation and made it simpler to access all our guidebooks and downloadable cheatsheets. and we added a search function to make it simpler to find old content.

In short, we’ve created a better and simpler user experience for our community members!

As a member of Nomadic Matt Plus, you’ll be part of a community within a community. You’ll have access to special content, events, books, and meet-ups. It’s a way to level up your travels!

As a plus member, you’ll get:

Regular community Q&As with me!

Travel planning calls with me!

Private Instagram stories

Exclusive travel stories and suggestions not shared anywhere else

Content before it appears on the website

A members-only Facebook group

All our TNN events and virtual replays

Free copies of our guidebooks (a $69 value!)

Free access to our blogging and writing courses

Free tickets to TravelCon

Autographed copies of my print books

T-shirts so you can have a symbol of your membership (and hopefully spot others when you travel)

We’ve also simplified our membership tiers. We now have three easy plans:

And, when you join as an annual member, you get three months free!

So if you’re searching for additional travel content that saves you money, Q&As with me, a members-only Facebook group, access to all our guides and courses, exclusive events with other community members, and much more, come join our membership program!

Moreover, if you join now, you’ll be able to attend our first community call on April 5th!

While 99% of our content will always remain free, becoming a club member allows you to get added stories, travel tips, special events, and guidebooks to help you travel cheaper, better, and longer.

You’ll become a master traveler while also connecting much more with the other kindred souls in this community! A win-win!

Just click here to sign up today!

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

Vennlig hilsen,

Nomadic Matt

Bestill turen: Logistiske forslag og triks
Bestill flyet ditt
Finn en billig flytur ved å bruke Skyscanner. Det er min favoritt søkemotor fordi den søker på nettsteder og flyselskaper over hele kloden, slik at du alltid vet at ingen stein er igjen.

Bestill innkvarteringen din
Du kan bestille vandrerhjemmet ditt med Hostelworld. Hvis du vil bo et annet sted enn et herberge, kan du bruke booking.com, da de konsekvent returnerer de rimeligste prisene for gjestehus og hotell.

Ikke glem reiseforsikring
Reiseforsikring vil ivareta deg mot sykdom, skade, tyveri og kanselleringer. Det er omfattende beskyttelse i tilfelle noe går galt. Jeg drar aldri på tur uten det, da jeg har måttet bruke den flere ganger i fortiden. Mine favorittbedrifter som tilbyr den beste servicen og verdien er:

Safetywing (best for alle)

Forsikre turen min (for de over 70)

MedJet (for ytterligere evakueringsdekning)

Klar til å bestille turen?
Sjekk ut ressurssiden min for de beste selskapene å bruke når du reiser. Jeg lister opp alle de jeg bruker når jeg reiser. De er de beste i klassen, og du kan ikke gå galt ved å bruke dem på turen.

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