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THE best walking excursions IN new ORLEANS

Posted: 10/21/21 | October 21st, 2021

New Orleans is dedicated to fun. Or, as they like to say here: laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll)!

Founded in 1718 as part of a French colony, new Orleans has a long and complicated history. With the Louisiana purchase in 1803, the city became part of the United States, growing to become the third largest city in the country by 1840.

Slavery was the driving force behind the economy during this time, as new Orleans had the nation’s busiest slave market. Yet at the same time, the city was home to the largest and a lot of prosperous community of complimentary persons of color. following the Civil war and the Emancipation Proclamation, the city’s predominantly Black population fought for their rights, equality, and dignity, getting some and yet continuing to struggle for others.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, claiming over 1,500 lives and wreaking havoc on the city. Yet new Orleans always seems to bounce back, and over 15 years later, the city has rebuilt and is enjoying a period of revival.

Thanks to the city’s complex history, there is a mash of cultures here: French, Anglo, Spanish, Haitian, and West African, among others. a lot of recently, Vietnamese immigrants are putting their own stamp on “the big Easy.”

Its colorful chronicles and special mix of cultures are what make NOLA so amazing. There’s a reason why the city’s lively Mardi Gras festival is world-famous!

The best way to learn about and experience this special city is to take a guided tour. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the city’s past and present, hear some amazing anecdotes about historical figures, and possibly walk away with a few super-local ideas on where to eat, drink, and have fun.

There are a lot of options to choose from but here are my favorites:

Best Paid Tour

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Take Walks
Take Walks is my go-to company when I want a detailed, thorough excursion without breaking the bank. It uses a few different options in NOLA, including a haunted walk, a excursion of the French Quarter (which includes a cocktail stop), and a garden district excursion with access to one of the neighborhood’s private mansions. If you want a fun, affordable, and educational tour, this is the company to go with!

Best complimentary Tour

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Nola excursion Guy
David G. Hedges is the Nola excursion person in question. He’s a historian who loves to regale visitors with entertaining tales of new Orleans’ history; he also has a small team of other locals who give tours. You can choose between complimentary walking excursions of the French Quarter or Bayou St. John, one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. The excursions are technically free, but ideas are expected at the end of the tour, so keep some cash on you.

1. complimentary excursions by Foot

The name doesn’t lie: the excursions are complimentary (though you’re expected to idea at the end), and you’re doing it by foot. There are various two-hour offerings: the garden District, the French Quarter, and Lafayette Cemetery (and other parts of town), as well as voodoo-themed tours. You can also do a complimentary bike tour; it’s BYOB (bring your own bike), though. If you’re on a budget and just want a quick introduction of the city, this is the excursion for you!

-> Click here to book your complimentary excursion by Foot!

2. G L-f de Villiers

Glenn Louis de Villiers is a born-and-bred new Orleans denizen. He can even trace his family lineage directly back to its founders. He leads small groups on a walk through the French Quarter, regaling tour-takers with fascinating historical anecdotes as well as stories from his own life and family history. It’s hard to get a better, deeper perspective than that of Mr. De Villiers. He also uses excursions of other parts of town, plus LGBTQ-themed excursions and food outings as well. excursions start at $30.

-> Click here to book a excursion here with G L-f de Villiers!

3. Cradle of Jazz history Tours

Jazz and new Orleans are pretty much synonymous. but where did it come from, and how did it start? new Orleans native, jazz historian, and longtime excursion guide John McCusker takes visitors through the history of jazz in NOLA, going deep into its history to reveal lots of off-the-radar jazz joints while describing its powerful connection to this very American genre of musikk. excursions start at $50.

-> Click here to book your Cradle of Jazz history Tour!

4. two Chicks walking Tours

Two Chicks takes small groups on walking excursions of the big Easy, covering pretty much the whole city with their various offerings. choose from excursions of the French Quarter or the garden District, or choose by theme (for example, the Brothels, Bordellos, and ladies of the night excursion is sure to stimulate the senses). Christine Miller, one of the “two chicks,” has been living in new Orleans for 30 years and knows it as well as anyone. excursions start at $30.

-> Click here to book your excursion with two Chicks!

5. new Orleans Secrets’ mystery of Voodoo Tour

Voodoo in new Orleans can trace its roots back to the 18th century. The excursion company new Orleans secrets uses a fascinating voodoo-themed excursion about this secretive amalgamation of religions. The guide teaches small groups about its history and connection to slavery in new Orleans, while checking out authentic voodoo-related sites and a shop. If your interest has been piqued by the city’s past, this is the excursion for you. excursions start at $32.

-> Click here to book your voodoo excursion with new Orleans Secrets!

6. new Orleans architecture Tours

Buildings in new Orleans, especially in and around the French Quarter, are easily identifiable. This fascinating walking tour, organized by the new Orleans architecture foundation (NOAF), takes visitors through various neighborhoods, spotlighting their architectural stars. You can choose between the French Quarter, the garden District, the Marginy, Tremé, or Poydras Street, or from among various cemetery tours. excursions start at $30.

-> Click here to book your new Orleans architecture Tour!

7. drink & Learn

Wouldn’t it be great if learning and drinking were married a lot more often? They are, though, on this bibulous two-hour walking tour. drinks historian Elizabeth Pearce takes thirsty visitors through new Orleans one drink at a time. Imbibe some classic local cocktails while learning the history of the city through the story of those libations. The tour, surprisingly, doesn’t stop at any bars, but cocktails are consumed while hitting major (and minor) landmarks. excursions start at $55.

-> Click here to book your excursion with drink & Learn!

8. jogging excursions by Steven

Steven gives the normal new Orleans walking excursions — the French Quarter, the garden District, cemeteries — but just because you’re going on foot doesn’t indicate you can’t run. Take Steven’s three-hour jogging excursion of the French Quarter to learn some new Orleans history while burning off some calories from all those po’ boys, beignets, and jambalayas you’ve been inhaling considering that your arrival. excursions start at $49.

-> Click here to book your excursion by Steven!

9. odd true Tours

Billed as the “first NSFW French Quarter tour,” this guided jaunt delves into odd and wacky new Orleans’ history, focusing on true crime stories, brothels, the mafia, and other sordid tales that are too bizarre to have been made up. There’s even an appealing JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald stop. excursions start at $50.

-> Click here to book your odd true tour!

10. doctor Gumbo excursions

You can’t leave new Orleans without taking a food tour. doctor Gumbo’s will fill you up and make you hungry for a lot more artery-hardening deliciousness. Plus, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the history of the food here too. Over the course of three hours and six locations, you’ll sample Creole brisket, po’ kid sandwiches, gumbo, and more. This is a must-do for foodies! excursions start at $70.

-> Click here to book your doctor Gumbo Tour!

11. new Orleans music & Heritage Tour

Focusing on the history of music in new Orleans, this French Quarter excursion takes you to sites associated with blues, jazz, and rock in NOLA. The guide, Keith Abel, plays related music by means of a Bluetooth speaker, ideal there on the spot. learn about the music created here, from a few centuries ago all the way up to the present day. excursions start at $30.

-> Click here to book your Abel Tour!

Walking excursions are a great way to get a primer on a destination. even if it’s your second, third, or even fourth visit to new Orleans, a excursion can be a fun way to learn about it from a different perspective and deepen your experience. This is a city with layers after all.

And as added bonus, you’ll be helping small service excursion companies make a living. So laissez les bons temps rouler!

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