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30 legendary pictures FROM MY trip TO MADAGASCAR

Updated: 10/23/17 | October 23rd, 2017

Madagaskar. It has an exotic hold over the imagination, conjuring up a land of wild nature: plains of baobab trees, armies of lemurs, distinct animals, as well as rich rainforests.

Since so few people see (roughly 350,000 per year), our creativity runs wild when we hear its name. It’s some otherworldly region, a rich rainforest teeming with wildlife as well as white sand beaches from end to end. It would be like Avatar.

Most people I spoke with believed the same. After all, with so few visitors there, the possibilities of understanding somebody who has been is tiny.

But the Madagascar many of us visualize is not the one that exists. The country is rather arid thanks to mining, deforestation, as well as climate change. These days, the landscape is a great deal less rich than it when was. It’s not as wild as well as exotic as we think.

Yet there’s a great deal of charm here. From Westworld-like deserts as well as small tropical rainforests to valleys full of rice fields as well as huge mountains, Madagascar is still outrageously wonderful as well as raw. While I’ll be publishing numerous articles on what to see as well as perform in Madagascar as well as my experience with the hardship as well as privilege there, I believed I’d begin with some photos from my see to set the scene:

Lemurs, lemurs, as well as much more lemurs. There are over 60 types in the country. Seeing them was a highlight of the trip. They were so cute!

One of the lovely as well as rich valleys on the island.

The Paradise bird. just one of the numerous vibrant birds I saw.

“King Julien” lemurs (so called since this is the kind that was the character in the movie).

The bad facilities in Madagascar makes the country difficult to get around. There’s actually one highway going north-south.

There’s a great deal of chameleons right here too.

Madagascar has this samosa tasting spring roll. I ate them all the time. They made me extremely happy. tasty as well as at three cents each, budget-friendly.

Baby lemurs! I truly can’t get sufficient of them.

This lemur is really asleep. It sleeps with its eyes available to deter predators. Creepy, huh?

Some of the well-known baobab trees.

A lovely pastel sunset over the capital, Antananarivo!

A narrow bridge made even much more congested by a regular market.

Always be on the lookout for thieves!

A candid shot!

So numerous lemurs, so bit time.

Hiking in Isalo national park, a extremely Westworld like place.

This spider was frighteningly huge.

Taking in the incredible view!

Learning about the country with my remarkable guide, Patrick.

Out for a hike with my Intrepid trip group.

The zebu (a type of cow) market, where people purchase as well as offer cattle. This animal is a work animal and, sometimes, killed for food.

The hills as well as valleys of Madagascar fill up the long, sluggish driving days. as well as they are a fantastic sight.

This is what many of Madagascar looks like.

Just one more Lemur doing his thing!

Chatting with my remarkable guide Patrick. He was a depth of understanding on the country as well as a truly friendly guy!

This huge fella was just relaxing in the sun.

Home wonderful home!

Taking the traditional Instagram picture!

Ok, one last lemur picture.

I discovered my new finest good friend while in Madagascar! We’re friends now!

Sixteen days was not almost sufficient time to see a country the size of France — particularly because Madagascar badly lacks decent infrastructure. roads are full of potholes as well as there’s no routine train service.

So, while there was much I missed, I’m grateful for whatever I did see.

I guess, as always, it’s just one more reason to go back, right?

Note: I went to Madagascar with Intrepid travel as part of our continuous partnership. They paid for the trip as well as my costs during the trip. I paid for my flights to as well as from Madagascar. They offer discount rates to visitors — click the link as well as save on your next trip!

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