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Virgin Island, Bohol: Sand-Bending, No Trespassing

The warm water had totally swallowed the entire sandbar of Pungtud Island when our boat docked. My niece as well as nephew might not believe their eyes. For the very first time ever, they saw a sandbar, a lengthy, white sandbar that prolonged to the shallow sea from a little island. Immediately, the youngsters hopped out of the boat, ran to along the sandy runway, as well as made bit splashes along the way.

More commonly understood to tourists as Virgin Island, Pungtud Island lies in the middle of a fairly shallow area between Balicasag as well as Panglao Islands. It is always a crowd preferred since of its C-shaped naked sandbar.

“It appears like a snake!” my nephew exclaimed, referring to the shape of the island.

“Or a tadpole!” yelled my niece. It appears like so many things. A comma. A bent spoon. A hair follicle. A sperm cell. navngi det.

Pungtud Island on Google Maps (Satellite view)
Unlike in Balicasag Island, there’s not much to do right here other than bathe in the sun. One thing I like doing here, though, is to just sit or lie in the sand with my body half dipped in the shallow water. There’s not much area to swim around either since the island is surrounded by sea grass. It’s alright for snorkeling since there are some fish hiding underneath. however it can underwhelm visitors who just came from Balicasag.

But in the itinerary, I’d like to believe of Virgin Island as the “relaxing” part of the tour. You know, where you don’t make much effort to appreciate the sheer beauty of the surroundings. You just lie in the sand, make bit splashes in the water, drink fresh buko juice, share stories with household or friends, as well as just have pure, relaxing, fun time. other times, we liked pretending to be part of Aang’s entourage as well as try sand-bending.

Pungtud Island up close
My send-bender friends
Private part of the island

Years before, I utilized to sit beneath one of the trees in the central part of the island. Today, however, a fence runs around it as well as a signage marks whose area it is. That part of the island is private. Oh well, we can always enjoy the sandbar.

How to get to Virgin Island: From Tagbilaran or Panglao Island, there are many travel companies as well as hotels offering sea tours that include a stop here. You may likewise charter a personal boat for P1500-P2500, great for 8-10 persons.

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