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10 easy RECIPES using leftover TASTY BREAD (YouTube Compilation)

Bread is widely consumed across the globe. It’s a staple on dining tables in numerous countries! but here in the Philippines, where a proper meal is typically dominated by rice, bread is reserved for a light breakfast or a heavy snack.

One of the most popular bread varieties in the Philippines is loaf bread, much more typically known locally as “tasty bread”. One pack can serve much more than one person, so it’s very practical. but if you’re like us, after having our sandwich fix, we typically don’t know what else to finish with the rest of the pack.

But there are so numerous things that you can finish with a loaf of bread. If you want to take a break from just applying regular spread, here are some creative recipes for tasty bread that you can make for breakfast or merienda.

Hva er dekket i denne guiden?

Cheesy French toast Omelette Sandwich
Mango Loaf Bread Pie
Monte Cristo Sandwich
Pizza Bread
Tuna Bread Pie
Choco Mallow Bread Pie
Potato Bread Pockets, Omelette Sandwich, and Others
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Cheesy French toast Omelette Sandwich

One of the easiest to do is the classic French toast. 365 Days Pinoy Food adds cheese and created cheesy omelette sandwiches out of French toasts. You only need loaf bread, eggs, milk, butter, and cheese for this recipe. You can also apply honey, fruit jams, or cinnamon.

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Mango Loaf Bread Pie

Anne cook Ph puts her own spin on this familiar fast-food side dish. The only difference is the absence of peach (which you may add if you want). Her mango pie recipe only requires loaf bread slices, mango, crackers or bread crumbs, egg, and sugar. You can make other versions by changing the fruit filling.

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

Basically, it’s a fried ham and cheese sandwich. cooking Tree‘s version has a generous serving of ham and cheese. You may adjust according to your preference and budget. You will need loaf bread, strawberry jam, sliced ​​cheese, sliced ​​ham, egg, bread crumbs, and butter.

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Pizza Bread

Modern Nanay shares how she cooks her no-oven pizza using a pan and a wire rack. This is valuable for those who don’t have ovens at home. read other suggestions from her in the description box. For her pizza bread, she used pizza sauce, cheese, ham, and pineapple chunks. You may alter the toppings according to your preference. You may also use ketchup as an alternative to pizza sauce. One commenter also suggested that you can also flatten the bread for a “thin slice crust” effect.

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Tuna Bread Pie

Craving tuna pie? You can make them at home! Homemade Foods created her version of cheesy tuna pie using only loaf bread slices, canned tuna, mayonnaise, onion, egg, crackers (or bread crumbs), cheese, and salt. You can make other versions by changing the filling — corned beef, ham, cheese, spam, etc.

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Choco Mallow Bread Pie

Sarahlon channel presents choco mallow pie with loaf bread. other ingredients needed for this recipe are Fuji chocolate bar (or any kind of chocolate), marshmallows, eggs, bread crumbs, and bread crumbs. For chocolate, you can use flat Tops, coin chocolates, etc. You can also choose a chocolate spread like Goya or Nutella. For the loaf bread loaf, you can use the plain one or the chocolate-flavored one.

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Potato Bread Pockets, Omelette Sandwich, and Others

Toasted features a compilation of four of their bread loaf recipes. You can find the lists of ingredients and the links to each recipe video if you want a step-by-step process.

Omelette Sandwich

Garlic Cheese Bread

Chili Cheese Toast

Potato Bread Pockets

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