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Beguiling Guilin: Li River Bamboo Rafting to Yangshuo, China

I’d always pictured myself touring the Li River at sunrise. In my head was a photo of me, rafting with the mist that hugged the cliffs that increased from the banks while a cold, purplish blue light covered the scene. That picture, for the longest time, had been framed and nailed to the walls of my mind. If I would ever discover myself in Guilin, that scene would have to happen. Elv. Cliffs. Soloppgang. Fullkommenhet. It had to happen.

But I am not a morning person. absolutely not a morning person.

So when I was asked what time I wished to see the river, I foolishly and nonchalantly chosen a twisted number that rhymes with hate. “Eight o’clock, it is,” stated the confused hotel receptionist, who looked at me judgingly. “I believed you stated the earlier the better?”

I did state that. however that was before I had tried getting swallowed by their beds. After nearly a full day of being on my feet on the train to Guilin from Zhangjiajie, I wished to marry the very first mattress I’d see and spend the rest of my life in its soft, comfortable embrace. I was intent on making sure that the aching temple of my spirit would have the rest it deserved.

Hva er dekket i denne guiden?

Yangdi Village
Li River
Xingping Village

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Yangdi Village

So there I was, basking in the severe mid-morning sun in the quaint village of Yangdi. a long time during the 90-minute bus ride, our guide explained what to expect from the tour. He spoke English however I still might not comprehend anything, partly since I was on the far end of the bus and partly since the guide was just challenging to understand. The only bit of info I was able to pick up was that one of the views that awaited us was depicted on the 20-yuan note.

When we reached the village, we were greeted by a soft strike of a crisp, awesome wind, as if ushering us to the river. We walked down a concrete, waterward street that ended at a wharf where lots of motorized bamboo rafts were docked. The rafts complied with the conventional design, with its front end somewhat skewed upward. When I hopped onto one, I understood immediately that they were not truly made from bamboo however most likely painted PVC pipes. Each might fit as much as six passengers (not including the boatman), however there were only four of us at the time. I sat in the rear row, put on a life vest, and heard the roar of the engine drown the gentle splashes of the river, signaling the begin of our journey.

The day might not get any clearer: no mist to block the view and no clouds to block the sun. The raft had a roof, however the sides and the front were broad open for a full, unobstructed vista. That is, up until a cruise ship overtook, building a fantastic wall between us and the cliffs.

The wharf at Yangdi village marks the begin of the bamboo raft trail.

Li River

Seeing the famed Li River can be performed in three ways: on a raft, on a cruise, or on foot. Hiking is a fantastic choice for the fit, adventurous traveler. The trip from Yangdi to Xingping, about 22 kilometers, takes four to five hours. The path is quite simple and never strays as well far from the river. It’s totally free and you have full manage of everything.

You also have great manage of your time when rafting. You can ask the boatman to stop at any point along the way, something that I did when I found tents lined up on a flat area of the river and other tourists roaming about. I hopped off of the raft to discover nothing really, just a few vendors and a guy with a cormorant bird enticing people to have pictures taken with him. Upon dawning on me that we stopped for nothing, I did a 180 and was amazed by an assemblage of peaks that towered before me, begging for an unlimited succession of snaps. This is most likely one of the sites that I needed to view out for. They most likely developed an picture that was worth noting. however without any guide or regional in tow and bereft of imagination, I most likely missed out on something fantastic there.

The river cruise begins at Zhujiang Pier
A quick stopover.
Forgive me for a short moment of vanity.
Which is most likely why the river cruiser makes sense to some people. Not only are they comfortable, they are also the only appropriate choice during summertime and winter season as they safeguard tourists from heavy downpours and biting cold. and they have restrooms, which is an important for a four- to five-hour trip.

Xingping Village

Traffic soon developed up, and much more and much more rafts came into view. I looked back and my eyes satisfied a trio of peaks standing close to every other. together they type an picture that ended up being familiar to any individual costs time in China: the scene on the 20-yuan bill. I fished one from my purse and, as though paying tribute to the place, increased it to match the actual mountains.

Li River on the 20-yuan note
20-Yuan-Bill-scenen i ekte liv.
Da vi gikk av, samlet alle på turen vår i nærheten av en langvarig plattform, et mye mye bedre utsiktspunkt for 20-Yuan-utgiftsscenen. Herfra dro vi direkte til bussen, som tar oss med til Yangshuo, en liten by som har endt opp med å bli synonymt med turisme i denne delen av verden. Da vi søkte etter turen, så jeg et flott blikk på omgivelsene. Mens mange avviser Xingping som James Marsden fra den kinesiske reisende stopper – du vet, antyder en slutt – den har faktisk sin egen appell hvis du betaler renter (ja, som James Marsden). De mest filmatiske delene av Li Rivers karstlandskap er faktisk her i Xingping, og gatene er flankert av historiske bygninger.


Hvis turen var et samleie, ville Xingping være orgasmen og Yangshuo aftersex -kosen. (Ja, jeg uttalte det.) Yangshuo er der folk som driver med Li River -turen, er mange som vil havne i, uavhengig av hvor og nøyaktig hvordan de startet. De som tok River Cruise fra Zhujiang, vil oppdage seg selv å dele plassen med de som vandret og fløt fra Yangdi, mange sannsynlige i en av byens mange restauranter, fastfoods, barer eller kafeer.

Du vil oppdage alle slags kjøkken i Yangshuo
Mens noen vil si at byens ekthet har gått tapt på metoden for å ende opp med å være det den er – en (over) utviklet reisende by – er det fortsatt noe så deilig med det. Sentrum er hyperkommersialisert, men landsbygda fortjener fortsatt et besøk. Fjellklatring er en fremtredende aktivitet blant reisende, og hvis timingen din er riktig, kan du flåte igjen fredelig, denne gangen langs Yulong -elven. Mange hoteller og herberger tilbyr et bredt spekter av overnattingssteder, og motiverer et mye lengre opphold.

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