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SENTOSA SINGAPORE: ending up being a youngster once again at Asia’s preferred Playground

Quarter-life crisis. I assumption it’s starting to kick in. practically every night because my 25th birthday I would just lie in my bed at night as well as believe about my childhood. When I close my eyes, I try to relive the days when I would just spread my arms broad open as well as pretend to fly. I try to keep in mind the day when I very first rode a bicycle. I try to envision climbing a close-by hill just so I might see the beach as well as feel the wind on my face. numerous times I would even dream about it. Unfortunately, unless time travel becomes a reality, all I can do is remember.

Woot! Sentosa!
Sentosa Merlion
I have always thought about Singapore to be a extremely contemporary as well as futuristic city. I had never been to any type of location in Singapore where I might not see or hear a close-by construction. advancement is unrelenting. however it is in this city where I had an chance to relive my lost childhood.

It was Day 4 of our Singapore-Malaysia cruise. Our cruise ship, the Superstar Virgo, docked in Singapore that morning. It wasn’t long up until we discovered ourselves stepping on Singapore soil again. It was unfortunate to quote goodbye to the ship however we were optimistic that there were still so much in store for us on the last day of this four-day trip.

Our trip bus chauffeur was already waiting on us when we emerged from the Harbourfront Centre. In no time, we were crossing over to Sentosa Island.


Tastes of Asia
GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure
The Luge as well as Skyride
Sentosa 4D Magix as well as Sentosa Cine Blast
Tiger sky Tower
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Tastes of Asia

Our very first stop was a restaurant called tastes of Asia. Perfect, I thought. I was truly starving that time as well as I my stomach was making strange seems already. We shared the table with the hospitable women running the island. They were extremely accommodating as well as I liked exactly how curious as well as excited they were about the blogging as well as social network culture in the Philippines.

A few minutes later as well as samosas, appetizers, were served. The primary program was a option between spaghetti, Hainanese chicken, as well as laksa. I purchased Hainanese poultry since I was truly hungry as well as there was a hole in my tummy that only rice might fill that time. I liked exactly how tender the poultry was. So far, I had not tasted any type of Hainanese poultry in Singapore that did not deliver.

My blogging partner was kind sufficient to provide me some laksa since the serving was quite huge. IT WAS PHENOMENAL. I loved, loved, liked it. I started kicking myself in the rear from that moment. I ought to have purchased laksa.

GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure

After lunch, we headed directly to Segway Eco Adventure, which provides a trip on one of their personal mobile transporters. visitors may utilize these transporters to check out Palawan as well as Siloso beaches. however because we were all beginners, we stayed within the confines of what appeared like a training ground. In fact, there was a short tutorial before we were enabled to utilize them on our own.

Finally trying the mobile transporters!
While I was using my helmet, I was reminded of exactly how terrified I was when I was still discovering to trip a bike, exactly how embarrassing it was to autumn as well as hit the ground, exactly how aggravating it was to autumn once again as well as again, as well as exactly how satisfying it was to lastly discover exactly how to manage it. thankfully for me, whatever went smoothly.

The Luge as well as Skyride

After a short affair with Segway, it was time to autumn in like with the beautiful shoreline of Singapore from afar. We boarded the Skyride as well as it was truly unforgettable. I felt like an thrilled young child as we were taken to the top of the hill while drowning in the amazing view.

Bloggers aboard the Skyride (foreground) as well as our good friends from Airphil reveal photobombing (background)
Going downhill
Although we did not try the Luge, I was satisfied with just viewing other tourists have fun as they slide down the 650+ meters of the Dragon path or Jungle Trail. It was like viewing your playmates. funny exactly how other visitors on the ground would wave at us as well as we would wave back at them.

Sentosa 4D Magix as well as Sentosa Cine Blast

I like viewing in 3D theaters (or 4D, for that matter). I delighted in Mickey’s Philharmonic at Disneyland Hong Kong as well as the Shrek 4D experience at universal Studios Singapore, so I was truly expecting to be entertained at the Sentosa 4D Magix although there was quite a queue. One thing that made it a refreshing experience for me was that the film was notan animation however online action. It was a fun experience.

Sentosa Cine Blast as well as 4D Magix
Cine Blast, on the other hand, takes visitors to an interesting 4D motion-simulated ride. integrating HD projection with a “rollercoaster” ride, the Cine Blast features a online trip with mountains as well as valleys as well as wild rivers!

Tiger sky Tower

Standing 110-meters tall, the Tiger sky Tower is the tallest observation tower in Singapore. The trip takes you 131 meters above sea level, providing you a amazing panoramic views of Sentosa as well as Singapore. If you’re lucky as well as the sky is as remove as glass, you ought to likewise be able to see some islands of Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

Siloso beach as well as islets as saw from the Tiger sky Tower
These are just a few of the attractions in Sentosa. There are a great deal more. I was especially eyeing iFly: indoor Skydiving however we ran short of time.

iFly: indoor Skydiving
I liked Sentosa as well as exactly how it bombarded me with youth memories. Something tells me I ought to fly back to Singapore one of these days.

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