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4 Must-See hotel Attractions in Macau

Under the sun, Macau bares its spirit in its mosaic-art cobblestone streets flanked with historical Portuguese colonial buildings, calming parks, and long-standing temples. but as soon as the sun starts hiding under the horizon, Macau transforms into a completely different creature — much more alive and definitely kicking! At nightfall, the city is ruled by neon lights that hypnotize and draw the crowd towards the dynamic and energetic resort hotels.

Macau‘s high-end hotels offer not only accommodations but also a broad range of entertainment forms. From its exhibits and shows, these world-class hotels have become attractions on their own. After all, Macau is home to the most significant hotels in the world, even dwarfing their counterparts in Las vegas and Atlantic City. They also house shops of a number of high-end brands where you can shop for clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Wynn hotel and MGM during the day
Wynn hotel at night
The finest thing about these hotels is that they offer free shuttle services from essential traveler areas throughout the city. They are easily available from the airport or the ferry terminals. You just requirement to browse for the buses to the hotel you desire to visit. here are four of these hotel resorts that are worth a look!

Hva er dekket i denne guiden?

The Venetian
By av drømmer
Wynn resort Hotel
Grand Lisboa
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The Venetian

Describing the Venetian Macao without the help of superlatives is difficult because everything about it screams topnotch. had by the Las vegas Sands Corporation, it is a great deal larger than its sibling in Vegas. stryk det. It is the largest casino in the world according to Businessweek. Spanning an area of around 10 million square foot, it is Asia’s biggest single hotel building and the world’s sixth largest building.

venetian macao architecture
The Venetian Macau
The Venetian Macau
Although famous for its 3000-room hotel and 3000-machine entertainment gaming area, it is also commonly understood for its design and design, which is modeled after the Italian city of Venice. It even homes a Grand Canal, where guests can enjoy a gondola trip around the area while gondoliers entertain them with a song. You’ll also find much more than 600 duty-free shops, 30 restaurants, and a number of theaters. during my visit, The Human Bodies exhibition and the Titanic Exhibition were on but I wasn’t able to inspect them out. here are some pics I took at The Venetian.

Main lobby of the Venetian
A gondola inside the Venetian Macau
Venetian Food Court
The sky is NOT real. It’s just the ceiling. #Fantastisk

By av drømmer

Standing opposite the Venetian, City of dreams is another crowd-drawer at Cotai Strip. Taking the form of a giant podium, it has four towers Crown Towers Hotel, hard rock Hotel, and the two towers of Grand Hyatt. aside from its hotels and shops, it is prominent for its numerous water-themed attractions such as the Vquarium (at its primary lobby), the Bubble (where the Dragon’s Treasure show is shown), and the house of dancing Water (the largest water performance show in the world).

City of dreams Macau
Of these three attractions, I was able to experience only two. The house of dancing Water was as well expensive for me and would destroy our already chaotic schedule. The most affordable ticket at the time of my go to was HKD480 (roughly PHP2500).

The Vquarium is available to everyone for free. It appears like a genuine aquarium at first glance up until you see some mermaids appearing and disappearing from time to time. It’s easy to area this because it is showcased at the hotel lobby. When I was there, it was a struggle to find a good area because of the number of tourists attempting to take a picture against this spectacular background.

The Bubble is a dome-shaped movie theater particularly developed for the Dragon’s Treasure multimedia show. I had no expectations about this show. I saw some YouTube videos of the show before getting here, and I believed it was just nice. but seeing it online was phenomenal. It was breathtaking. I was taken into the wonderful world of the four dragons. The show was crazy good! It did not feel like I was viewing it; it was much more like I was in it! exactly how the characters just flew by, over, and around the movie theater was so thrilling and spectacular at the exact same time! youngsters and adults alike will absolutely enjoy this! It was my favorite moment of the whole Macau leg of this trip!

Inside the Bubble. Fireworks, a scene from the Dragon’s Treasure show
The world of Dragons!
Jellyfish Invasion!
One of the very best parts of the show: a giant octopus devouring the dome!

Wynn resort Hotel

Wynn hotel was our extremely last stop in Macau. We took a long walk from Senado Square and the St. Paul Ruins to get here. It had been a long day of walking, walking and much more walking, and if our knees could talk, they would have most likely cursed at us incessantly. unfortunately for our knees, we were identified to get to our last destination.

We utilized the underpass from the Grand Lisboa area to reach Wynn. As we emerged from the tunnel, we caught a spectacular view of Macau Tower and the Sai Van Bridge (Ponte de Sai Van), which links the Macau Peninsula to the island of Taipa.

Macau Tower at the end of Sai Van Bridge
When we reached Wynn Hotel, my cousin discovered a big pool before the primary entrance and asked me what it was for. understanding what it was exactly, I answered, “You’ll see” and smiled. In just a few minutes, the pool transformed into an illuminated fountain and started dancing to the loud music that played in the area. It was fantabulous, to state the least! My cousin and I were left speechless viewing the water dance, create shapes, and show the vibrant lights thrown at it.

Dancing Fountain at Wynn Macau
Flash didn’t work!
The dancing Fountain starts mesmerizing guests at 7pm and ends at 12midnight in 15-minute intervals. This implies it plays every 15 minutes and the cool thing about it is that it does refrain from doing the exact same number twice, at least not within the day!  Inside Wynn Tower is the Tree of Prosperity, which we failed to see that night.

Grand Lisboa

The 58-floor and 261-meter Grand Lisboa is the tallest building in Macau. It homes 430 spaces and suites, and 800 mass gambling tables and 1000 slot machines. The star of Stanley Ho, “the world’s largest pillow shaped internally perfect D-color diamond,” is on long-term display inside.

Lights! Lights!
Casino Lisboa Macau
Macau is a monster at night. It grabs you and takes you from the regular modern, futuristic city to a much more vibrant, spirited world as soon as dusk hits. While some may argue that all the neon lights and the megastructures suck out the tranquil atmosphere of Macau, all the flash and bedazzlements have given the city a schizophrenic character, with both faces catching the two ends of the spectrum. will you find something to like about Macau? vedder på det.

How to get there: Whether you’re coming from the airport or the ferry terminal, you’ll find buses /shuttles that can take you to these hotels for free.

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